Media Center Policies


Pine Hills Elementary
Library Media Center

 (407) 296-6500, ask for Mrs. Law
 in the Media Center or email: [email protected]


Dear Parents:

Welcome to the new school year at Pine Hills Elementary. My name is Mrs. Beth Law and I am the Media Specialist. Please help me make your child a lifelong library user! Your student will be able to check out books and will enjoy many activities that will hopefully help them love reading and love libraries.

Please help and encourage your child to:

  1. Handle their books with care and clean hands.

  2. Find a safe place at home to keep the book when it isn’t being read.

  3. Keep the books away from babies, pets, and food and drink.

As a parent, you can also help by:

  • Reading books with your child. Talk about the pictures and words. Enjoy the book together! Parents with older students can talk about what their child has read.

  • Every 2 weeks have your child return the books and exchange them for different library books. Students may also exchange library books during open library time any day of the week.

  • If an accident occurs and a book does get damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself. Send it back to school with a note and I will do everything possible to fix it so that you do not have to pay to replace the book. If a book cannot be repaired or becomes lost, we ask that you pay to replace the book.

Thank you for your support!


Beth Law

Library Media Specialist